Dan Harmon on the Sexuality of Fallout 4

At my core, I am a tabletop role player. I play a lot of video games, but table top RPGs are my jam. To paraphrase an obscure Fight Club trailer, after tabletop DND, playing video games is “like watching porn when you could be having great sex.”

I so when I *ahem* play solo video games, there is some part of me that wants to put a backstory to either my choices or the choices the game makes for me. When I would marry Mjoll the Lioness in Skyrim and her boy Aerin showed up with her, I figured we were doing some kind of Viking age polyamory type thing.

In Fallout, you get the option to romance a number of your companions, and so I just assumed that my dude was a pan-sexual version of Captain Kirk. Once I loaded the mod that keeps your wife from dying, and she becomes a companion that you can romance… well it was Mjoll the Lioness all over again.

Apparently Dan Harmon also plays FO4 and he agonizes over the choice to romance the companions, and his guilt over it is hilarious.

When I play FO4, my survivor identifies as a white male. I also run the “Nora Spouse Companion” mod that allows me to also run Nora. Once I have reached affinity with her and then with Codsworth, I run with Preston. I also have the Gunners vs. Minutemen pack from Creation Club and I take Preston with me for the entire quest, once we have retaken The Castle. 

Between retaking the Castle, helping out settlements, and paying the gunners back for the Quincy massacre, I usually hit full affinity with Preston. I then go for the gusto with the romance options and then finally, I set him up as the leader of his own settlement via Sim Settlements, usually Starlight Drive-in.

Preston has had a rough go of things. He watched his idols, the Minutemen, fall apart. He had all of the soldiers and most of the civilians he was responsible for die on his watch, and he ended up in a siege at the Museum Of Freedom at Concord. It not a stretch to say that when you meet Preston Garvey, it is on the worst day of his life. If anyone deserves love and fire support, it’s Preston.