Goth Remixes of The Chipmunks. No, seriously.

This came across a feed of some sort today, and I have been obsessed with it all day.

Basically, if you play a Chipmunks album at 16 RPM you get pretty cool 80’s goth/sludge metal/industrial tracks.  Let me say that again: you can remix the Chipmunks into industrial-goth tracks.

It’s an audio experience that has to be heard to be believed. So far my favorite is “Walk like and Egyptian”:

It reminds me of “Goodbye Horses” which was made famous by the film “Silence of the Lambs” where Buffalo Bill put on lipstick, and then tucked his shit between his legs and posed in front of the mirror:

My second fave is “My Sharona”:

This track captures the full analog sound that is an old album on an even older turntable, full of pops and fuzz. The sound also makes the song sound sort of haunting. It also has a minimal sound, sort of like “Suck” from the Pig Face album “Gub” which featured Trent Reznor on vocals before anyone cared who Nine Inch Nails was:

The track that singles itself out as unique in my book is “Always On My Mind”. It’s unique for a number of reasons. The sound design is interesting to say the least. Plus it has plenty of cowbell, which is always a plus:

After listening to these tracks all day, I super hope that there is a Christmas album coming 🙂